Marco Lux

I'm Marco LuxI am a businessman, artist, dancer, actor, father, husband, lover, crazy, visionary, free, critical and ahead of my time. But above all, a person with a big heart, committed and transgressive.

Fantastic Reality

Hamburg | Germany

His grandfather Aniceto
and grandmother Ana

The German art painter Marco Lux is the first of two brothers from a couple who lived in Switzerland when he was born. His childhood was spent at the side of his maternal grandparents, who played mother and father in the first and most important years of his life. 

From his grandfather Aniceto he inherited a passion for culture, reading, creativity, art and animals. And from his grandmother Ana, the strength and charisma, the decision and the character of a leader.

Castles, boats
And stars

His childhood from the age of six and his long hospital stays due to a heart condition, made his imagination run wild and fly. 

Growing up without knowing my parents, dying as a baby and then one minute later coming back to life, has made me special.

At the age of seven he created his first clay sculpture and painted his first pictures on paper. In them he painted castles with high towers, five-pointed stars and small sailing boats. The castle represented strength; the stars, his plans for the future, and the little boats, he among people who did not understand him. 

Child Artist

When he turned twelve, Marco Lux presented his first series of paintings made with glass materials, paint and water inside many of them. In that discreet, simple and particular exhibition that he organized without the help of anyone, he sold ten paintings.

Three years later, the most committed, controversial and provocative German art painter was selected to present his works at the International Young Artists Exhibition in Milan. And among all those works, a very special one: The Familywhich consisted of three huge hollow columns made of glass with hundreds of aluminium threads inside. But that dream of arriving at an event as significant as this exhibition, vanished. Finally, Marco Lux could not attend.

Not being able to go to the exhibition due to lack of money and my parents' refusal made me very sad, but I feel proud that they valued me as an artist, and I knew that one day I would be someone very important in the art world

It was at the age of fifteen that Marco Lux took a blow from which he would take years to recover. His grandfather's death changed the course of his life. For the German painter, Aniceto was his lighthouse, his guide, his confidant, his teacher... the person who always understood him without any obstacles or complexes; without prejudice or reproach.

Marco Lux decided to say goodbye to his grandfather in a very intimate and personal way, with the best he had learned from him and with the best he knew how to do. He made two clay sculptures to accompany him forever on his deathbed.

The meaning of those sculptures remains a mystery today. Marco Lux has never wanted to reveal what they represent.

The two sculptures have a very close connection with the life of my grandfather Aniceto. That's why I wanted them to be at his side on his journey into eternity

Art and Culture

Art and culture have always been two perfect allies for the German painter. While still a teenager, Marco Lux began to write articles in newspapers in the Spanish province where he lived. In addition, he directed and presented radio programs and collaborated with several local television stations in making documentaries.

In this new experiment, he was accompanied by his inseparable friend Jorge Rivera, a Spanish journalist with a long career in the media and press offices. Even today, this friendship continues, strengthened if possible, and both work together very closely.

Difficult years

The very expensive and long divorce of his wife and the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008 caused Marco Lux to lose his business and also his house. The German painter was practically ruined.

It was at this time that he brought to light My lifeA work painted years ago as a kind of vision of what would happen to him in the future.

But Marco was reborn again and reinvented himself. He began his career as a dancer, performer, stripper and actor. This new professional facet allowed him to be part of the choreographies of great artists such as Jennifer López, Shakira, Beyoncé or Rihanna... and to dance in several shows with DJs such as Juan Magán, Pittbull, Kiko Rivera and Fonsi Nieto in his facet as a DJ, among others.

He was also a theatre and cabaret actor and he performed his dance in the best halls of Paris, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona, among the most important cities where he acted.

At the time of my financial ruin and when I was left with nothing, I thought that my life should take a 180-degree turn. As my grandfather told me: "you can get anything you want, because you were born twice"


By the whims of fate, in 2014 the German painter decided to leave everything and move to the German city of Hamburg. There he began working with Olivia Jones, an artist known in Germany for her shows in the popular red light district of Reeperbahn.    

This change was positive, but hard at the same time. In Hamburg, Marco Lux professionalized his career as a showman. They were years of many successes and applause that ended in a sad way. A bicycle accident left him convalescing for more than four months, with a shoulder injury that forced him to retire, with much sorrow, from the stage.

It's very hard to leave your daughter behind. It's the only thing I miss every day, when she's not with me. Because she is the only one who has understood me perfectly and her treatment of me is especially wonderful, besides which we are the same in everything. My daughter is my soul mate

And from this moment on, Marco Lux embarked on another transcendent project in his life, painting, which today constitutes his true cornerstone.

The German art painter began to paint canvases full of very vivid tonalities and also of transgression, commitment, provocation and controversy. He calls it Fantastic RealitySurrealist style, but at the same time realistic.

His works of art are painted with intense colors mostly, of perfect faces combined with wings or bursts of color. They are collections of unique themes and works. 

More than 100 Works

Hamburg | Germany

Intense Colours

Hamburg | Germany

Fantastic Reality

Fantastic Reality

Fantastic Reality

Marco Lux


Marco Lux is no longer an itinerant and decides to settle permanently in Hamburg with the help and protection of two people who have represented a reference point and a fundamental pillar in his life, both belonging to a German high society family.

It is then that Marco Lux decides to leave the world of show business and begins to work intensely on the art in his atelier located in one of the most unique, privileged and beautiful areas of Hamburg.  

This last stage of the German painter, in which he is still immersed today, brought with it exhibitions of his works of art and events in different parts of Europe. 

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Marco Lux has painted different characters from society, culture and show business; personalities such as Queen Elizabeth of England, Tina Turner, Jennifer Lopez or Cher and even the Pope, among many other well-known faces

He also had the opportunity to participate in a solidarity cause with a work of art that he presented in 2019 for the Blood Donation Marathon at the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganés (Madrid); he painted Reality of the Vatican in a very controversial and controversial work with a strong criticism of the Catholic Church, and the LGTBi Community has recognized him as a painter of erotic art and nudes of strong eroticism and sensuality.

Future about Art

Today, Marco Lux has very special and professional ties to the international adult film actor, Viktor Rom. This actor is the muse of inspiration for the German painter, in fact he stars in several of his most controversial and at the same time also provocative works.

Looking to the future, Marco Lux has several projects in mind, such as shooting a television series, writing a book in deluxe edition with Viktor Rom and participating as an actor in a film, as well as continuing to expand his art collections.

I can say that each and every one of my works of art is a piece of my life, of the good and the bad that I have found in it. The feelings that run through my mind move through my body into my hands at great speed. And through the brush, like a river of emotions, they crash into the canvas. And there they leave forever, perpetually, a little piece of me

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