Marco Lux has been in the news in different media in several countries around the world, especially in Europe and Latin America. His committed, transgressive and controversial art has generated media interest and headlines praising his colourful palette; his brush dyed with criticism, satire, denunciation and fantastic reality.

The Daily Chronicle y Always Formosa echo the canvas in which Marco Lux uncovers, in a very critical and acid way, the ups and downs of the Spanish royal family. The dart of his paintbrush is aimed, above all, at Juan Carlos, the emeritus king.

The daily newspaper La Calle of Venezuela reports on the first two works of art that inaugurate the Private Collection. They are canvases that show transgression and provocation in its purest form, naked bodies in biblical scenes.  

Marco Lux feels a deep predilection for certain characters recognized and recognizable around the world for their work, for their professional career and even for their social position. The German art painter feels very close and very identified with the Mexican Frida Kahlo. He says Social-Eym.  

The art painter from Hamburg has been devoted to painting with capital letters for many years, but his first exhibition took place in 2019 in the German city where he lives. As he tells El Farandimore than 400 people came to admire his first Vernissage.

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