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The creative universe of Marco Lux is composed, at the moment, by ten art collections of very varied themes. More than seventy canvases full of colour, commitment, provocation and controversy in perfect combination with the Fantastic Reality of the German painter.

Art collections

Hamburg | Germany



Leading Art

Marco Lux was a child ahead of his time. He felt the call of art very early on. His imagination and creativity never stopped working together. And although there were difficult moments in his life, he has never allowed art to leave his path.

His passage through different stages in life and the adverse circumstances he had to face in the past marked his desire to free everything he had lived and experienced through the palette and the brush. 

I have a deep admiration for Olvido Gara, for Alaska. His songs are loaded with simple yet transcendental messages. Some of his lyrics are a true plea, for example to sexual freedom. In this canvas I show a person who means a lot in the life of Alaska and who is, at the same time, a source of inspiration for my life. It is her mother, America Jova, a unique and exceptional woman

Ten Collections

The art collections of the German painter show a very varied and original journey through different themes and styles. And in those collections a special technique predominates that he calls Fantastic Reality

The creative universe of Marco Lux is divided, for the moment, into ten Collections:

Ten art collections complete the creative and pictorial universe of Marco Lux. It is only the beginning of a long career as a painter. More than seventy canvases that are an explosion of creativity and colour; of controversy and provocation; of transgression and commitment to life.


Marco Lux's art collections are a continuously growing set of canvases. Each collection is open to further additions, as inspiration arises in the mind and brush of the German painter. 

The Baroque Collection shows canvases with a critical and biting eye to religion and also to prejudice; Great it is composed of portraits of very popular and iconic people and others who are anonymous; Life is the expression in painting of Marco Lux's most committed and supportive side; Places It transports us to special corners in the life of the Hamburg painter; the My Vision Collection reflects a very intimate and particular art of the artist; Model is composed of canvases whose protagonists represent much in Marco Lux's personal life, and I am the way I am is the art collection in which the German painter claims the rights of sexual freedom and expression.  

Private is the latest art collection that Marco Lux has added to its catalogue. At the moment, it is composed of only one work, The baptism, with Viktor Rom.

The international adult entertainment film actor, Viktor Rom, is currently one of the key people in Marco Lux 's life, both personally and professionally. From this special union promise to come great successes and important achievements. 

This work is part of the Model Collection. I am deeply proud and grateful for what this frozen moment on canvas represents. Portrayed next to me are two very special and important people in my life: Werner and Olaf. They are a fundamental and necessary pillar in my career as an artist, but also as a person. The two of them, Olaf and Werner, are my family.



Hamburg | Germany




Hamburg | Germany



Marco Lux | German Art Painter
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